D-Link DIR-880L Review

Product Name:DIR-880L
Wireless Speed:600 Mbps + 1300 Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet:4
USB:1 x 2.0
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D-Link DIR-880L is an affordable wireless 802.11 ac router with AC 1900 gigabit dual-band. The launching of its manageable, new and modern signature User Interface in black and orange colours, used by D-link since many years, is the most impressive feature of this router. The D-Link DIR-880L review provided in this write-up will help you to know more about this wireless router.

Review of the DIR-880L by D-Link

Design and specifications

front and back of the boxTheoretically DIR-800L supports combined speed of 1900 mbps including 600 mbps at 2.4 GHz band up to 1300 mbps at 5 GHz band. The dual-core processor inside it offers spicy performance for NAS functionality while accessing the connected USB drive or navigating the interface. It has a GB WAN port and 4 GB LAN ports on its back along with a single USB 2.0 and a one 3.0 USB port on its front.

Other specifications of this fairly large router from D-Link include 1.62 pound weight and 1.86 inch x 9.72 inch x 7.50 inch size of its structure. Its tall cylindrical units contain in-built high power amplifiers to improve its performance with desktop and other computing devices. All these features of DIR-880L make it one of the beat 802.11ac routers used with crowded bands of 2.4 GHz.


Wireless routers like DIR-880L are being used more-and-more these days due to their simple setup. You can connect your laptop with one of its LAN ports with the help of an Ethernet cable to connect the internet successfully as it detects the correct settings automatically just by clicking at Next buttons. You can also connect the already established SSIDs of the router found on a little card with printed passwords for both the bands by using a wireless client.

It can be set with another method also provided by D-Link by using the QR codes printed on the documents provided with this router. But this can be a complicated method than earlier as you will have to scan the code after downloading a QR codes app. You will have to connect to the router manually as per provided instruction for this purpose, which takes a bit more time.

New interface and features

The new interface provided by D-Link to this router is thinner than its previous models. This UI with modern looks is easy to use due to its heavy graphics as it is made to work perfectly with mobile devices including laptops and Smartphones etc. It displays network map of all connected devices after opening Home Screen. It allows you to view and edit the information of the device including IP addresses and MAC to customise its name if required. In this way it helps in recognising connected devices to it.

The menu at the top level of its screen contains options of Settings, Feature and Management to operate it easily. Settings menu allows you to handle its configurations whereas features menu helps in finding more advanced tasks for its management including port forwarding, DMZ and various types of IPv6 options etc. Its management menu allows you to perform housekeeping tasks of DIR-880L like checking of system time, updating firmware and setting the admin password etc.

Moreover this router is a bit lighter than other routers due to its QoS and parental controls. It allows you to filter specific websites by denying or allowing their access due to its parental controls. Its QoS allows you to set the priority of the internet traffic received by the connected client to medium, high and highest level.


The performance of DIR-880L is good with all wireless modes whereas in 802.11ac routers of D-Link perform below average to average. Its performance in 2.4 GHz band is recorded second highest when compared with 802.11ac routers of this class as it provided nearly 94 mbps speed on an average against nearly 100 mbps of its rival. At 5 GHz band in 802.11n mode average speed of DIR-880L was recorded nearly 148 mbps which places it among the ten routers with highest speed. The top performer D-Link routers in this mode provide 185 mbps speed on an average.

Normally the performance of the D-Link routers in not up to the mark in 802.11ac mode when used with laptops. In order to improve the performance of DIR-880L it is better use 3×3 802.11n wireless adapter of the laptop instead of Wireless AC1200 dual band USB adapter of D-Link which is insufficient to increase its speed as required as it is only 2×2.

Theoretically average speed of DIR-880L in 802.11ac mode is nearly 144 mbps but with D-Link adapter it barely gives speed of 120mbps which considerably less than required.

Though the performance of DIR-880L is better with 2.4GHz band, but its throughput drops by 21% when the wireless client is moved away from 5-30 feet. Normally signals are dropped or gained in 2.4 GHz band whether it is in 802.11ac mode or 802.11n mode when the wireless client is moved away from 5 ft to 30 ft. But in 5 GHz band the drop or gain in throughput in 802.11n mode or 802.11ac mode is much less up to 3%.

You may feel a bit disappointed with DIR-880L if you are searching for a top performing 802.11ac router. It is a sound performer in other wireless modes but in ac mode its performance is a bit below average. All other features of D-Link DIR-880L including easy setup, new UI, sharing and remote access capability are better than other router in this range. You will find this router is damn easy to set and use. In fact, you will fall in love with the user interface.


  • User-friendly management and setup
  • Well-designed and refurbished UI
  • Great performance in 802.11n
  • Gifted with wireless modes
  • Excellent sharing with USB drive
  • Capable for remote access


  • Throughput of DRI-880L with 802.11ac wireless is average to below average
  • In tests it failed to sustain the wireless throughput distance on 2.4GHz band
  • Confusing setup schedule


The DIR-880L wireless AC 1900 dual band Gigabit cloud router offered by D-Link contains mobile optimised and modern UI to give good performance in legacy wireless modes including 802.11n but its throughput with 802.11ac mode is just average. However, if you are looking for wireless modes then this could be a good bet. After all, you do not have to shell out a great amount of money for this. Just go ahead and buy this router, you would never repent for your decision.

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