Afoundry EW1200 Review

Product Name:EW1200
Wireless Speed:1167 Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet:4
USB:1 x 3.0
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The Afoundry EW1200 router is one of the best, most reliable, and fastest high speed WiFi router on the market today. This metal computer-like router has a built-in 6 x 7 dBi antenna. It is supported by a 2.4 GHz 300 mbps plus 5 GHz 867 mbps broadband home network. It supports one hundred devices, such as computers, tablets, and phones at the same time with ease, exact and accurateness. The router is solid, durable, drop resist, scratch proof, and steady which covers over forty feet of wide open space.


A Full Multimedia Beast

It meets all the computer requirements with HD video and big data transmission that allows you to increase your speed up to three times more than the rate of an average router. It has one USB 3.0 access port to share, zip, download, and support files of all types. It has a smart auto protection WiFi network with multi-level secure wireless encryption and includes WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK. It allows you to set-up a password so no one that is not suppose to be on it can stay off of the network and can be detected through the settings on the wireless router. It is very easy to set up the router in your home or office and features an industrial WiFi certified grade connection which is super fast. This router is ultra light weight and fast with lightning speed and accuracy

It is ideal for HD streaming, online gaming, video watching and bandwidth-intensive tasks. It will cover all parts and sections of your home, backyard, and office space in one easy location. It has six long high powered antennas with a metal shell covering the internal hardware that is within the router. It has a mac address filter that allows you to customize the router to your preferences. You can provide exact and accurate access to those who need to be on the network and those who cannot have access to the network. It has been proven to significantly reduce the number of dead spots in the coverage area. The signal is so strong, it can easily pass through walls with easy and is rated top five home router of the year and has won numerous awards.

What’s In The Afoundry EW1200 Box?

The Box

The router box will include one 12V/2A DC adapter, one metal WiFi router, six 7 dBi omni antenna, one 1 meter Ethernet cable, and one user manual for easy setup and troubleshooting of the product. The router wireless type is 802.11 a/b/g/n, 801.11 AC, 802.11 A/B, and 802.11 A. The dimensions are 12x9x3 and comes in the color black. The Ethernet cable that comes with the broadband WiFi router provides it a straight line type access to your main source of internet hub.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on the Afoundry EW1200 router are excellent. Customers love the USB connection on the back which always them to connect their hub into the router with ease. The transfer speed between device and router was much faster than customer’s expected it to be. If you live in an area where there is a lot of WiFi interference and is a high traffic WiFi area, then this router works really well with this type of situation. The router is a very high end product and is excellent with speed and accurateness. The router is extremely reliable and has a much easier setup than what was expected of an industrial wireless WiFi router. It provided customers with very quick and easy access to their internet connection and stayed connected with little to no interference from outside broadband WiFi connections throughout the day and night.

Customers also claimed that you can browse multiple websites at the same time without pages freezing up, taking forever to upload or dropping out across the WiFi network. It also has a very extended WiFi range, which is ideal for large businesses that have multiple employees working on the same small broadband network. Customers gave it a four out of five star rating and is backed by the customer’s gold seal of excellence approval. It also makes advertising, editing and creating a website easy and fun because you do not have to wait for pages and items to load on your computer for a long period of time. It even boosts your signal with strength and excellence, if you live in a rural area where it is hard to pick up a signal. It is on Amazon’s top router list for overall excellence and top demand by consumers everywhere. Customers also liked the stylish look and sleek design of the WiFi router. The router takes up little space on consumer’s desk and is lightweight and not bulky in any way.

The price ranges from one hundred and fifty dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars and depends on where retailer it is and how it will be shipped, but at Phil’s WiFi Reviews, you’ll always get linked up with the best price and a quality online retailer. The product is made and produced in China, therefore it is available on Alliexpress website, which ships directly from the warehouse who manufacturers the router. Overall this WiFi router is extremely excellent and most customers are happy with the product and the price for what you get out of the excellent and fast signal. Consumers loved how it streamed the movies and video right to their PC or home computer and it was just like watching live television with no interruptions that you usually get when watching a video on a normal PC.

There was no long buffering time and wait like an average router would perform and produce in a normal setting. Some customers have stated that it makes there online gaming experience excellent, crystal clear and pleasant. They love the fast lightning speed, so therefore it is the ultimate online gamer’s paradise. It allows you to play multiplayer and interact with them across the network with fast lightning speed.The user manual is extremely easy to read and you can follow along with no confusion like you would get with most router manuals. It provides detail about the product and how to set it up correctly. Overall this is a product that I would recommend to anyone that would want a better and fast internet signal. It is an excellent product and router to have in your home or office space. I know everyone would love this broadband wireless router for business or personal everyday use.

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